Your love and support is the most valued treasure, but If you would like to give a gift here are some ideas:

Sophia & Jon are registered at Amazon for all kinds of helpful things. Amazon – Wedding Registry

Jon is moving into the home where Sophia and Azalea have lived for a few years.  So, to make it feel like their new family home, they want to make a few changes/updates.  Gift cards to Menards would be fabulous to help this endeavor. (Just in case we need some milk when we pick up our new windows.)

Jon & Sophia plan to honeymoon somewhere tropical in Febraury. (Yes, we know we should probably start booking this soon…we can update this section when we do.)  If you’d fancy supporting a honeymoon getaway try a Visa gift card.

We are beyond excited to share our day with you!

Thank you!!

Jon and Sophia Imms
910 N 66th Street
Lincoln, NE 68505