2 lies and a truth … uncover which is correct.

Sophia has been in Nebraska her whole life and never wants to leave.

Actually, the opposite is probably closer to the truth. She LOVES to travel and some of her favorite places she has been are South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and last year’s trip to Peru with her daughter, Azalea. She is excited to visit her love’s home country, England. In addition to Nebraska, she has lived in California and Arizona and would probably consider just about anywhere if there was a good reason to move.

Sophia has published 2 books.

Ding! Ding! Ding! You’re a winner! The entire experience of being able to publish was incredibly humbling, bucket list type experience. Both books are Christian devotionals designed to holistically increase self-esteem. She writes as Sophia Joy and hopes to write more in the future.

Sophia is a certified balloon twister after attending a four hour course

Although an avid fan of the balloon arts, that is one hobby that hasn’t made its way into formal training. However, the variety has and continues to be a spice in Sophia’s life. She is currently working on her Master’s in Public Health, is a licensed massage therapist, and a licensed Realtor.


2 lies and a truth … uncover which is correct.

Jon served in the Royal Navy

Bobs your uncle! (That means you’re right in British.) Jon thoroughly enjoyed serving seven years in the Royal Navy touring the world.

Jon’s favorite sports team is the Nebraska football team

Sorry…Jon’s love is for real football. He supports Newcastle United football team and welcomes anyone to cheer them on alongside him.

Jon has 2 brothers and 2 sisters back home

Try again. Not only is Jon an only child, but both his parents were also only children. He is excited to be a family with Sophia and Azalea and their large extended family.


2 lies and a truth … uncover which is correct.

We fell in love in the produce aisle

We both really enjoy melons, but try again.

We met on a Dating app

Correcto-mundo!! Despite nearly giving up on dating, we both tried a last hurrah on Bumble, a dating app where the lady has the power. Could tell this was something special and the rest is history.

Her friend's sisters's daughter's cat introduced us

Try again. We didn’t have any overlap in our friend circles prior to knowing each other, but are really enjoying making more friends!


2 lies and a truth … uncover which is correct.

Mountaintop Sunrise

Correct!! Well…close enough. It was sunrise and we were hiking in the mountains to the beautiful, but a popular destination of St. Mary’s Glacier outside of Idaho Springs, Colorado, not quite on the top of the mountain. We were the only people there for the beautiful moment, but came across three more on our way back to the trail down the mountain – two of whom were getting married!! Continued our day with another beautiful hike to Loch Lomond, where we enjoyed twenty minutes of pristine beauty and shared the news with Azalea before other hikers joined us at the top.

Saltdogs Megatron

We have enjoyed a fun game of baseball at the Saltdogs stadium as well as watch the fireworks from the Lincoln bridge. However, thankfully, Jon knew that wasn’t the right option for us.

Candlelit Dinner

We love to eat and try new restaurants, but we the candlelit dinner was celebratory.


2 lies and a truth … uncover which is correct.

Is baby Imms on the way?

Sorry, folks, no babies are planned for our future other than a fur baby. Jon is excited to be a bonus dad for Azalea Joy and Sophia is amazed at how great Jon is with her and how much easier he makes it to be a good mom.

Does Jon need a Green Card?

That was one of Sophia’s dad’s first questions. Actually, Jon became a US citizen on December 5th, 2018. He loves America (and Lincoln) and plans to stay. Happily, ever after, of course.

Are they really In Love?

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!! Really…they are. <3 Life has been a journey full of adventures and obstacles, but it has proven to be just the right course for the two of them to cross paths and appreciate and love each other like they never imagined possible.